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Soundcraft LX7ii Series
JBL VT 4887A
DBX 131V
DBX 160A
AKG K 99 Perception
16 Mar 2011

Soundcraft LX7ii Series

09 Jul 2011

JBL VT 4887A

28 Jul 2011

DBX 131V

28 Jul 2011

DBX 160A

22 Jan 2016

AKG K 99 Perception

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Trivia : Tahun 1953, AKG lah yang pertama kali memperkenalkan dynamic cardioid microphone

Rolling Stone Magazine celebrates anniversary with JBL

INDONESIA: PT Cipta Swara Anugrah (CSA) recently supplied a Harman brand sound system for the Rolling Stone Magazine Indonesia’s 7th year anniversary party that was held at the end of last month at the Rolling Stone Café in Kemang.

Taking three days to install the audio, CSA supplied JBL VT 4888 line arrays for FOH, a number of PRX 615M active PA cabinets and JBL PRX 618-S subs for monitors, with PRX 625s and PRX 618 XLF powered subs for side-fills. A Soundcraft Vi1 was utilised to mix the event, while a dbx DriveRack 4800 performed loudspeaker management duties. Read more...

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