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Soundcraft Si Performer
JBL Control 28T-60
JBL Control 67HC/T
30 Jan 2013

Soundcraft Si Performer

09 Jul 2011

JBL Control 28T-60

26 Jan 2016


28 Jul 2011


08 Jul 2011

JBL Control 67HC/T

One language.

HiQnet is a communications protocol or language with which all device-types within the full audio signal path can communicate. Co-developed and shared by elite engineers from all the brands within the Harman Pro group, HiQnet merges the best features of all previous brand-independent communications protocols and thereby benefits from years of combined experience and is simultaneously optimized for all components of the full professional audio system.

One interface.


The full HiQnet system is configured and controlled with a single software application - Harman Pro System Architect . A comprehensive core PC application into which device-specific plugins developed by each Harman Pro brand can be loaded, System Architect has been written entirely from the ground up to achieve the goal of accommodating all requirements from all the links in a signal chain.   System Architect has been optimized for use in both tour sound and installation environments and includes features enabling quick and easy system configuration for both disciplines.  






One system.

Today's HiQnet system is built from flagship products from Harman Pro brands AKG Acoustics, BSS Audio, Crown

International, dbx Professional, JBL Professional, Lexicon Pro, Soundcraft and Studer.






The HiQnet system is a flexible and intelligent system.   The HiQnet protocol is versatile enough to traverse any transport methodology - current HiQnet compatible devices employ serial, USB and Ethernet connectivity.   In addition, HiQnet's compliance with the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP™) standard enables HiQnet devices automatically to negotiate HiQnet network addresses between themselves and device IP address assignment when on an Ethernet network making the HiQnet system truly plug and play. 








HiQnet control software not only includes the all the necessary editing of device and system parameters but also offer the most simple user interface available today for routing of networked audio - however complex the requirements.   To assist with this, the HiQnet protocol itself is capable of wrapping around the transport medium employed by third-party networked audio protocols such as CobraNet.





Whether in real-time from a device's default software editor, from an advanced custom-designed control panel running on a touchscreen PC, with System Architect's optimized mode of operation for control from a wireless tablet PC or from a dedicated hardware touchscreen wall-controller, all parameters from across an entire HiQnet system are instantly accessible. Never before has such full control been at the operator's fingertips.



    * Supports Ethernet control
    * Supports USB control
    * Supports serial control
    * Supports CobraNet audio
    * Supports up to 64 channels of streaming audio
    * Supports sample rates up to 96kHz
    * Supports in excess of 65,000 HiQnet nodes in a single system
    * Wireless 802.11b and 802.11g compatible
    * Optimized for tablet PC use
    * Optimized for remote access
    * Universal Plug and Play (]UPnP™) compliant
    * Multiple computer support


Trivia : AKG Acoustics bergabung dengan Harman Pro pada tahun 1994

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