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09 Jul 2011

JBL Control 28T-60WH

06 Jul 2010

Soundcraft GigRac 1000ST

13 Jul 2010

JBL 8138

20 Jul 2010


16 Mar 2011

Soundcraft LX7ii Series

mix.Kick drum mic with astoundingly high SPL capacity
The D 112 has earned a well-deserved reputation worldwide as the best kick drum microphone ever made. Heavy-footed drummers won't faze it, because the D 112 handles up to 160 dB SPL with no audible distortion.

"Where's the beat?" Does your kick drum sound like it's on a diet? All the low lacking from your low end? If so, Sweetwater has the answer to your sonic problems: the D 112 bass mic. It has a special presence peak that makes your low-frequency instrument clear and distinguishable in almost any 


AKG D 112 Dynamic Microphone at a Glance:


  • World-favorite kick drum mic with astoundingly high SPL capacity
  • Specially engineered diaphragm for excellent low-frequency response.
  • Specially engineered diaphragm for excellent low-frequency response

The D 112's specially engineered diaphragm with a very low resonance frequency maintains solid and powerful response below 100Hz, while a narrow band presence rise at 4kHz punches through dense mixes with little or no added EQ. The result is a kick drum sound that ideally balances precise definition and forceful impact. The D 112 is also an excellent choice for use with bass cabinets, trombones, and other bass instruments.

The D 112 comes with a built-in windscreen. An SA 60 stand adapter is also included.

  • AKG D 112 Dynamic Microphone Features:
  • Large-diaphragm dynamic microphone
  • Finest reasonably priced bass drum mic available
  • Ideal cardioid mic for kick drum, bass guitar cabinets, low-pitched brass and other low frequency sources
  • Bass response is clean and powerful due to large-diaphragm technology
  • Max. SPL 160dB!
  • Frequency response 20Hz-17kHz
  • Solid bass response below 100Hz
  • Finish dark gray metallic enamel


Trivia : Salah satu legenda music dunia, Frank Sinatra, mempunyai signature mic yang khusus dibuat AKG berlapis emas

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