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14 Jul 2010


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AKG AMM10The AMM 10 is the perfect solution for small rooms: a distributed mixing system consisting of various input and output modules designed to fit standard installation frames. No need for a central unit or a rack for the sound equipment the mixing modules are directly mounted into cable conduit, walls, ceilings, tables Wherever you require a microphone input or an audio connector for your PC or CD player, the AMM 10 is the system of your choice.

Each of the modules comes with a low noise, high efficient amplifier and a plug terminal connector. Connected via CAT 5 cables, the system is extremely flexible and easy to install.

D-Mic IN Module:
Input module for dynamic microphones and symmetrical line level signals. The module provides an input level control as well as a switch to define the designated panorama position (left, middle, right).

AUX / Line IN Module:
Input module for line level signals from CD, DVD, PC or MP 3 players. The module provides two cinch and one jack connector inputs and an input level control.

Monitoring OUT Module:
The headphone output monitoring module provides an output volume control, a 2 x 4 step bargraph display and a 3.5 mm jack connector output.

XLR OUT Module:
Break-out-box for supermodular mixer system. The module provides 2 XLR connectors for the connection of two active speakers.

C-Mic IN Module with Phantom Power:
Input module for condenser microphones. The module provides a 24 V phantom power supply, input level control as well as a switch to define the designated panorama position (left, middle, right).

Recording OUT Module:
The recording output module works as a driver for recording devices like CD recorders, tape decks, PCs, MP3 recorders, etc. On the front panel the module provides 2 RCA connectors, a 3.5 mm jack connector output and an output volume control.

SUM Amplifier Module:
Stereo sum amplifier module with tone control for treble and bass as well as an output level control. The internal plug terminal provides the sum output and a separate recording output (with fixed output level). The plug terminal also provides terminals for the signal bus including strain relief and an insert point for a remote control

   ProductAKGAKG AMM 10

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