Lexicon Lambda
Crown 660A
DBX DriveRack PX
AKG WMS 450 Vocal Set C5
JBL 8128
29 Jul 2011

Lexicon Lambda

22 Jul 2011

Crown 660A

28 Jul 2011

DBX DriveRack PX

01 Jul 2011

AKG WMS 450 Vocal Set C5

09 Jul 2011

JBL 8128

BSS BLU-3BLU-3 Wall-Mount Controller
The BLU-3 and BLU-6 wall panels are simple controllers which allow the designer to provide level control and source selection or preset recall in a simple wall-mounted panel.
These controllers connect to the control ports on the rear of any BLU-16, BLU-32 or BLU-80 device.

The BLU-3 offers a rotary fader and a five-way switch. The switch could select system presets (configurations specific to times of the day for example) while the rotary control could be assigned to act as a zone volume control.

The BLU-6 offers an eight-way switch, but instead of a rotary volume control has a pair of spin or up/down buttons, enabling the same level parameter to be mapped onto other controllers preventing a jump in audio level when the control is adjusted

The switches on both units have blank areas for marking the switch functions, either directly onto the white area, or on self-adhesive labels.

   ProductBSS AudioBSS BLU-3

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