Crown CTs Series
Soundcraft GB2 16CH CONSOLE
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28 Jul 2011


22 Jul 2011

Crown CTs Series

28 Jun 2010


06 Jul 2010

Soundcraft GB2 16CH CONSOLE

29 Jul 2011

Lexicon I-ONIX U82S

cdi2000Crown CDi 2000 Solid-State 2-Channel Power Amplifier
The CDi Series of Crown® amplifiers are professional tools designed and built for installed sound applications. The series includes three models which are identical except for output power: CDi 1000, CDi 2000, and CDi 4000. All are rugged and lightweight, and offer unmatched value in their class.

CDi-Series amplifiers feature an intuitive front-panel LCD screen to guide installers through their configurations. CDi amplifiers also offer onboard DSP for loudspeaker signal processing. Other features include a switch-mode universal power supply, useful function indicators, proportional-speed fan-assisted cooling, removable Phoenix-style inputs, barrier strip outputs for low-Z or 70V/140V loads, short-circuit protection and more.

Crown CDi 2000 Features
  • Extremely versatile;
  • Rated for 2-, 4-, 8-ohm loads and 70V and 140V outputs.
  • Switch-mode universal power supply.
  • Intuitive front-panel LCD screen for quick, easy configuration.
  • Onboard digital signal processing includes crossovers, EQ filters, delay, and output limiting.
  • Up to 20 user defined DSP presets are available.
Crown's CDi 2000 power amplifier is a great go-to solution for churches, auditoriums, and any other venue with constantly changing needs. In addition to a respectable 800-watt/channel output, the CDi 2000 makes setting up in different environments or for different speaker configurations easy. Onboard digital signal processing, including crossover configuration, EQ filters, delay, and limiting give you plenty of flexibility during setup, and 20 user locations allow you to instantly recall your common settings. The CDi 2000 is ready for output voltages ranging from 70V-140V and for loads from 2-16 ohms, depending on the speaker configuration. An extraordinarily lightweight design (under 19 lbs.) also makes this an exceptionally good amp for mobile PA systems.


   ProductCrownCrown CDi-2000

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