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xls-series-ampsCrown XLS series
Crown announced the next-generation line of XLS series amplifiers. The XLS series amplifiers implement a flexible PureBand crossover system. A user can select crossover points from 50Hz to 3kHz, allowing for precise matching of specified crossover points on most bi-amplified loudspeakers. Increased control is also highlighted by the three selectable channel modes and clip limiters designed to protect loudspeakers that can be turned on and off by channel.

PeakX limiters allow higher output levels than conventional analog limiting while providing driver protection, and they deploy algorithms derived from the extensive research and development of the OmniDrive HD loudspeaker processing in Crown's flagship I-Tech HD Series. The new XLS series amplifiers feature Integrated DriveCore technology. Regardless of AC line sag or distortion due to other equipment such as backline or lighting gear, the user will consistently have the highest level of performance as though there is a power conditioner built directly into the amplifier.


  • Reliable design incorporates many popular features
  • Housed in a rugged, all-steel 2U chassis (3U in the XLS 5000)
  • Efficient forced-air fans prevent excessive thermal buildup
  • Electronically balanced XLR inputs; touchproof binding post and Speakon« outputs
  • Precision detented level controls, power switch, power LED, and six LEDs which indicate signal, clip and fault for each channel.
  • Three-Year, No-Fault, Fully Transferable Warranty completely protects your investment and guarantees its specifications
Minimum Guaranteed Power
per channel, both channels driven
XLS 202
XLS 402
XLS 602
XLS 802
XLS 5000
1 kHz with 0.5% THD
Stereo, 2 ohms (per ch.) -- -- -- -- 2,500W**
Stereo, 4 ohms (per ch.) 300W 450W 600W 800W 1,800W*
Stereo, 8 ohms (per ch.) 200W 300W 380W 500W 1,100W*
Bridge-Mono, 8 ohms 600W 900W 1,200W 1,600W 3,600W*
Bridge-Mono, 4 ohms -- -- -- --

*750W for

*with 0.1% THD
**with 1% THD


Sensitivity (volts RMS) for full rated power at 4 ohms
Frequency Response (at 1 watt, 22 Hz - 20 kHz)
+0 dB, ľ1 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio below rated power (20 Hz to 20 kHz, inputs terminated) A-weighted, below rated power No weighting, below rated power
> 100 dB
> 95 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) at 1 full bandwidth power, from 20 Hz to 1 kHz
< 0.5%
Intermodulation Distortion (IMD) 60 Hz and 7 kHz at 4:1, from full rated output to ľ30 dB
< 0.3%
Damping Factor (8 ohm): 10 Hz to 400 Hz
> 200
Crosstalk (below rated power)
at 1 kHz
at 20 kHz
ľ75 dB
ľ50 dB
Input Impedance (nominal) (balanced,
20 kilohms, 10 kilohms
Load impedance
Bridge mono
4-8 ohms
8 ohms
AC Line Voltage and Frequency Configurations Available (▒ 10%)
120 VAC 60 Hz
100 VAC 50/60 Hz
220 VAC 50 Hz
230-240 VAC 50 Hz
Flow-through ventilation from front to back
Internal heat sinks with forced-air cooling
Air Volume Requirements (per minute per unit)
80.15 ft3 (2.27 m3)
Dimensions: Width, Height, Depth
XLS 202, 402, 602, 802: EIA Standard 19"W (EIA RS-310-B) x 3.5ö (8.9 cm) H x15.2" (38.6cm) D.
XLS 5000: EIA Standard 19"W (EIA RS-310-B), 5.25ö ( 13.3 cm) H x 15.5ö (39.5 cm) D.
Net Weight, Shipping Weight
XLS 202: 23.0 lb (10.4 kg), 28.0 lb (12.7 kg)
XLS 402: 25.7 lb (11.7 kg), 30.7 lb (13.9 kg)
XLS 602: 29.0 lb (13.2 kg), 34.0 lb (15.4 kg)
XLS 802: 35.5 lb (16.1 kg), 40.5 lb (18.4 kg)
XLS 5000: 62.0 lb (27.7 kg), 74.0 lb (33.6 kg)

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