AKG Perception Wireless 45 Vocal Set
DBX DriveRack PA+
01 Jul 2011

AKG Perception Wireless 45 Vocal Set

01 Jul 2011


28 Jul 2011


28 Jul 2011

DBX DriveRack PA+

13 Jul 2010


Soundcraft GB2 24ch Mixing Console
The GB2 is the latest addition to the Soundcraft GB Series, featuring 4 group busses configured as 2 stereo subgroups and an integral 6 x 2 matrix. Intended for installed-sound and Audio-Visual applications that do not require the functionality provided by the GB4 or GB8, the GB2 is available in frame sizes of 16, 24 and 32 mono inputs, each with 2 stereo inputs as standard. Each input features the high-performance GB30 Mic Pre and GB30 Equaliser designs of the GB4 and GB8, along with 6 Aux buses.


Four Subgroups are provided as two stereo pairs, with a unique facility for adjusting the width of the stereo signal across the stereo mix. The channel pan settings are retained on the group outputs, while the degree of stereo separation to the mix bus is independently adjustable from full stereo through to mono. The GB2 also features two stereo input channels, with separate mic and line inputs. In normal use, the mic inputs are routed to the local channel and the line inputs act as a stereo return to the mix bus. Selecting the LINE input to the local channel overrides the Mic inputs.


Mono Inputs
- Individual +48V Phantom Power switch
- Phase Reverse switch
- Mic Input with 10 to 60dB gain (Line Input -20dB)
- 100Hz HPF
- Insert point
- 4-band EQ with sweep mids
- 6 Auxes, 1&2 pre, 3&4 pre/post, 5&6 post (user option for
- 5&6 follow 3&4, and pre-fade=pre-EQ)
- Mute switch with LED
- Routing to Stereo Mix, Sub Group 1-2, Sub Group 3-4
- Peak & Signal LEDs
- PFL switch with LED
- Channel direct out with pre/post switch (switch on rear con)

Stereo Inputs
- Stereo Mic Inputs with 10 to 60dB gain
- Individual +48V Phantom Power switch
- Phase Reverse switch
- Separate Stereo Line Input, with Level Control, switchable direct to Mix as a stereo return, or into local channel (replacing Mic signal)
- Stereo/Mono source switching
- 4-band EQ
- Auxes and routing as Mono Inputs

Sub Groups
- Sub Group inserts
- Separate L-R Sub Group Faders
- Sub Group outputs on XLRs
- Sub Group routing to Mix, with Width control
- PFL with LED

Mix Outputs
- Mix Inserts
- Stereo Mix Fader
- Mix Outputs on XLRs
- Mono Sum Output on XLR

Other features
- 6x2 Matrix (Groups, L, R)
- Matrix master level controls with MUTE & AFL switches, & LEDs
- Matrix Outputs on XLRs
- Aux master controls with AFL switches and LEDs
- Aux Outputs 1-4 on XLRs, 5-6 on TRS jacks
- Headphone and Control Room outputs with level control
- Monitor switching for 2-TK Replay, Mix, Sub 1-2 & Sub 3-4
- 2-TK replay routing switch to Mix
- Dual 12-segment LED Peak Reading output metering
- Talkback mic input, routing to Aux 1-4 and Subgroups
- Record outputs on RCA Phonos
- 2-TK Replay inputs on RCA phonos
- 2 Lamp connectors
- 6.3" x 25.8" x 49.1"

   ProductSoundCraftSoundcraft GB2 24CH CONSOLE

Trivia : Tahun 1953, AKG lah yang pertama kali memperkenalkan dynamic cardioid microphone

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