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AKG drum set session I

AKG Drum Set Session I

Wed, 11 Sep 2019 16:51

The Total Package The AKG Drum Set Session I is a high-performance drum microphone set and the ideal all-in-one starter kit that delivers an impressive combination of performance and value. With seven microphones and accessories packed in a durable aluminum carrying case, it provides all the essentials needed to capture a complete drum set. It […]

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AKG wms40 mini single vocal set

AKG WMS40 Mini Single Vocal Set Wireless microphone system

Wed, 11 Sep 2019 15:43

Small size – Big sound, perfect for Houses of Worship, Hotels, Gyms and Band Applications The AKG WMS40 Mini wireless microphone system provides crystal clear sound and is a true plug’n’play solution. “Up and running” in a second, it is the optimum wireless solution for small stages, clubs, places of worship, hotels, and gyms. The […]

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AKG K52 Closed-back headphones

Wed, 11 Sep 2019 10:10

Style, comfort, quality Your music rocks – make sure you hear every detail with the AKG K52 over-ear, closed back headphones. Professional-grade 40mm drivers reveal even the subtlest nuances, so you can be confident your mix will translate accurately on any system. Whether you’re monitoring vocals or tracking a bass line, the self-adjusting headband and […]

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dbx 231

dbx 231 Dual Channel 31-Band Equalizer

Tue, 10 Sep 2019 16:34

With a lineage extending back to the revered 12 and 20 Series graphic equalizers, the dbx® 231 easily lives up to the dbx reputation at a price point which can find a home in the tightest of budgets. Besides including two 31-band channels of 1/3-octave equalization, the 231 also offers ±6 or ±12 dB boost/cut […]

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dbx DriveRack VENU360

dbx DriveRack VENU360 Complete Loudspeaker Management System

Tue, 10 Sep 2019 15:25

All the processing needed to supercharge your sound system. Now with complete control from your mobile device. dbx took the dominant dbx DriveRack® 260, improved its features, and added more. The result? The 3 input, 6 output dbx DriveRack VENU360. The dbx DriveRack VENU360 provides all the processing and flexibility you need between your mixer […]

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dbx di1 alt

dbx Di1 Active Direct Box

Mon, 9 Sep 2019 18:11

The dbx Di1 is a compact high-quality active direct injection box. Ideal for both studios and on the road, the Di1 will ensure audio signals reach their intended destination in both a balanced format and free from unwanted noise. Connect the output from electric guitars, bass amplifiers, keyboards, etc., directly to a console mixer without […]

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dbx DriveRack PA2 alt

dbx DriveRack PA2 Complete Loudspeaker Management System

Mon, 9 Sep 2019 17:25

All you need to get the most from your PA. Now with complete control from your mobile device. The dbx DriveRack® PA2 provides all the processing you need between your mixer and amplifiers to optimize and protect your loudspeakers. With the latest advancements in dbx’s proprietary AutoEQ™ and AFS™ algorithms, a new input delay module […]

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Martin rush mh 3 beam alt

Martin RUSH MH 3 Beam

Wed, 4 Sep 2019 18:08

The Martin RUSH MH 3 Beam is a powerful beam moving head that blasts an intense and narrow long-throw beam for spectacular mid-air looks and effects. It houses a fixed gobo wheel and color wheel with a multitude of effects possible from a dimmer, strobe effect, 8-facet prism and focus.   Gallery Features: Powerful beam […]

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martin rush par 1 rgbw alt

Martin Rush PAR 1 RGBW Static Lights

Wed, 4 Sep 2019 16:35

The Martin RUSH PAR 1 RGBW is a bright LED PAR Can with premixed RGBW color mixing. It offers electronic dimming and strobe and comes with a flexible bracket for floor or truss mounting.   Gallery Features: Bright LED PAR Can Premixed RGBW color mixing 17° one-tenth peak angle Electronically balanced RCA & XLR inputs; […]

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Crown XLi 1500 alt

Crown XLi 1500 Power Amplifier

Wed, 4 Sep 2019 15:58

Powerful. Reliable. Affordable. The Crown XLi 1500 power amplifiers from Crown® represents a new era in affordable, quality power amplification. All four models in the series are powerful, rugged and reliable. They are suited for musicians, DJs, and entertainers as well as houses of worship, discos, and pubs. The four models in the series are […]

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Crown DSi 2000 alt

Crown DSi 2000 Power Amplifier

Mon, 2 Sep 2019 11:50

Engineered from the ground up for unmatched quality and performance, the Crown® Crown DSi Series of power amplifiers offers four models of 500W, 800W, 1,200W, and 2,100W per channel at 4 ohms. Onboard digital signal processing includes crossovers, EQ filters, delay and output limiting. Rear panel HD-15 connector provides easy input/output connectivity between Crown DSi […]

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Soundcraft NotePad-8FX alt

SoundCraft Notepad-8FX

Mon, 2 Sep 2019 10:37

The SoundCraft Notepad-8FX 8-channel mixer makes it easy to get legendary Soundcraft sound for your music, podcasts or videos. The SoundCraft Notepad-8FX combines professional-grade analog components, renowned HARMAN digital signal processing and a built-in USB audio interface to use with your favorite Mac or PC editing software. Whether you’re a singer-songwriter or a podcaster, SoundCraft […]

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