Audio Visual Solutions for Retail

Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers cannot continue going about their business the old-fashioned way and expect to survive. Retailers must change their offerings by going above and beyond, from just selling products to becoming places where people can experience things that cannot be experienced elsewhere. AV technology allows for such things to be done.

Retailers who want to engage consumers through digital channels must first understand how they can best integrate these new tools into their stores. In addition to their ability to create unique customer experiences, brick-and-mortar retailers have an advantage when it comes to digital commerce because they already have established relationships with consumers through previous purchases.

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With AV technology, we don’t simply mean adding in some speakers and displays; rather, we are referring to integrating audiovisual (AV) technologies into an entire store. To create an authentic experience means combining different types of media (audio, video, display, etc.) into one cohesive unit.

Retailers using digital signage can create multiple experiences for their customers by using the same technology to show them different things. Instead of having just one story, they can present several ones.

As an example, Microsoft created interactive kiosk machines instead of the traditional kinds. Microsoft has developed technology for its new in-store kiosk systems which detects movement and reacts accordingly. When a customer selects an item from the store’s shelves, it displays information about that item and offers a demonstration. Customization at its best!

Microsoft has used these kiosks for training purposes too. They offer their services at no cost, so people can come by anytime they want to get some training. They’ve succeeded at creating an interactive experience where they’re not just selling products, but they’re providing a personalized service tailored specifically to each visitor.

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And AV isn’t just for big companies. It works well for small ones too. Smaller retailers can often invest in technology without requiring an enormous outlay of capital. Technology that is memorable will always be remembered by its audience. In order to make sure that your stores remain relevant, you must continue offering reasons why people need to visit physical locations.

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