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AV Integration spoke to Hyesung Ha, senior vice president of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, about the company’s collaborative display device, the Flip 2.

What sets the Flip 2 apart from other collaboration hubs?

Our Flip 2 display represents the very best collaborative display the industry has to offer. With its unique pivoting mount, the display can easily switch between vertical and horizontal orientation. It uses powerful sensing technology to provide a pen-to-paper-like writing experience and unique Brush Mode even allows users to paint directly on the display with a paintbrush. We designed the Flip 2 for simultaneous interaction and collaboration. Up to four different meeting participants can make notes at the same time using the included pen or virtually any writing tool. The display can be used for a wide range of business applications and professional needs from brainstorming to presenting, sharing, illustrating and more. Samsung has also partnered with Cisco Webex on a new solution called Webex on Flip which gives users in different locations the ability to notate, co-create and collaborate instantly on their Flip 2 displays through the Webex cloud platform.

In which verticals has the Flip 2 had the greatest impact (so far)?

The Flip 2 has been well received in both business and education settings. In retail and hospitality, users can create interactive boards for menus, calendars, meeting spaces and more. For small businesses, the wheel-based stand allows them to turn virtually any room into a collaborative workspace. We’ve also seen a significant interest in education settings where students and instructors are able to use the Flip to involve students more directly in their own learning by encouraging collaboration and creative thinking.

Using feedback from users as a guide – what are some of the most successful applications for the Flip 2?

It’s exciting to see the full range of possibilities with how the Flip 2 is being used around the world. We’ve seen startup business hubs in the U.S. providing their membership with Flip displays to give them easy access to the latest technology to meet and bring their ideas to fruition. A professional basketball team in Italy is using the Flip in place of a traditional blackboard during team meetings and practices. A school in Denmark has incorporated Flip displays into their technology learning space for students giving them an easy-to-use display enhancing their learning environment. The applications for this display are truly limitless.

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