audio visual solution hotel

Hotels and casinos can provide the ultimate sensory experience by using a unified system that controls audio, video and lighting. Our systems fit the unique demands of a single boutique/lifestyle hotel as well as the performance and reliability requirements of an international hotel group with multiple brands and high customer expectations.

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We all know that hotels are great venues for business meeting, conferences and various events. Participants and delegates will often stay in the hotel, as the event itself happens inside the same building. Are you willing to ensure that your hotel gets the AV solutions needed to function as a conference place, and are you trying to find an av professional which can help you set this up? We have the experience and skills to optimize the AUDIO-VIDEO system for your hotel.

CSA has made its mark in the hotel industry throughout the years. We have worked with numerous luxury hotels like the Aston Sentul, Anvaya Bali Hotel and the Mid-Plaza Hotel Jakarta. Due to our in depth experience providing AV solutions towards the hotel sector, we have a great knowledge of the do’s and don’ts and can also fine-tune our solutions appropriately. Our company is also well familiar with the code of conduct in the hotel business, and that we make sure our personnel will forever stick to these rules.

Are you about to host an event soon, and do you require particular support for audiovisual? Do you want to upgrade the AV services at the hotel to the latest requirements? Our experts are thrilled to help.

Having the best AV for your hotel

In addition to a broad variety of specialized solutions concerning sound, communication, lighting and video display, CSA also provides an extensive choice of impressive AV technology for hotels. We have the latest video conferencing solutions.

Would you like to prepare a conference hall for a product presentation? CSA is here to help you 24/7 – quick response times are among the cornerstones of our service.

CSA comes with an extensive range of products and a huge specialist network. We can easily manage nearly every demand in-house. What this means is we are able to deliver extensive AV solutions for the hotel promptly and efficiently.

Limitless audiovisual possibilities

Do you require audiovisual help and support for a special event? Would you like to use computer-controlled lighting throughout a product presentation? Do you want to have crisp and clear sound at your up coming annual meeting? CSA can supply most of the AV solution that you need.