House of Worship

To achieve success with an integrated system within house of worship, you need to ensure that the systems involved are as simple as possible with clearly defined procedures for each step. You must also train your technical team well so they know exactly what to do.

We’ve been working with many houses of worship to bring together technology solutions to help them grow their congregations. Whatever type of venue you’re using for your event, we know how to design an audio visual system that fits perfectly into your space. We offer an extensive range of products including camera systems, audio equipment, lighting solutions, video conferencing facilities, media management software, and networking hardware.

With CSA, you know you’re dealing with an expert who has experience servicing every aspect of your audio/visual requirements. We’ve got an incredible team of techies who can help you out whenever you need them. They’re available for on-call services at any time.

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Portable Worship - Maximize the Impact of Your Portable Worship Space

The worship experience you provide doesn’t need to be compromised simply because your venue isn’t a traditional building. With a little planning, it’s easy to add great sound and inspiring lighting to your portable worship space. It’s best to start simple, with smaller, easy-to-move-and-store solutions that serve as your foundational technology. HARMAN can help you build a great starting base that is flexible enough to move and grow as you do. Your current location may be temporary, but you can make a permanent impact with the right technology in place.

Youth Space - Capture Children’s and Youth’s Attention in an Engaging and Inspiring Space

Engaging young people is a very important part of any worship space. It must be functional and inspiring, but also support a high-energy audience. HARMAN Professional offers all the technologies you need to create a unique space to capture children’s and youth’s attention, including active learning classrooms. No matter what your goals are, HARMAN can help you build a solution that integrates well with the architectural elements of your space, stimulates the awareness of your young people and supports a fun learning environment.

Traditional Worship - Enhancing the Worship Experience in a Traditional Worship Auditorium

Every place of worship wants to ensure that their messages are heard, and high-quality technical systems help deliver the best worship experience to their congregations. From top-rated audio systems and dynamic professional lighting to inspiring atmospheric solutions and easy-to-use controllers, HARMAN Professional offers a complete selection of products to meet your unique needs. Whether you need sound reinforcement and speech reproduction or video production and lighting, HARMAN’s trusted brands will complement your sermons without taking away from the intended atmosphere for your traditional worship service.

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Modern Worship - Make Sure Your Technology Meets the Needs of Your Modern Worship Auditorium

When it comes to your modern worship auditorium, old-school technology just won’t do. HARMAN Professional has everything you need to ensure your facility delivers the best worship experience for your congregation, and your message comes through loud and clear. Our tried-and-true brands offer the best technologies to support your sound, video and lighting needs with easy-to-use controls. Trust HARMAN to help you create the right environment for your modern space and worshipers.

Auditorium - Make Sure Your Gymnasium, Gymatorium and Multipurpose Spaces Meet Your Worship Needs

For unique worship environments, like gymnasiums, gymatoriums and multipurpose spaces, acoustical and architectural elements can pose challenges. But HARMAN Professional has decades of experience overcoming such challenges and delivering technical solutions to meet the unique needs of any space. From high-quality sound systems and engaging video panels to powerful lighting and easy-to-use controls, HARMAN offers everything you need to ensure your unique worship space is the best it can be for every occasion, whether it’s a weekly basketball game or weekend church service.

Elevate the Worship Experience in Any Space

From small, startup portable churches, freestanding chapels and large mass-metro campuses to synagogues, mosques, multipurpose spaces and more, HARMAN Professional delivers scalable, high-quality audio, video, lighting and control solutions to meet the unique needs of Houses of Worship around the world. HARMAN offers decades of technical excellence and experience designing and manufacturing premium products that are easy to set up and operate, and function seamlessly together. With the ability to maintain, control and reconfigure systems with preset settings, you can ensure your message is always heard.