Graha Bethany

Located in the Indonesian district of Surabaya, the church is particularly
notable for its sheer size. Able to comfortably seat 30,000 worshippers for
each service, it is one of the top 10 biggest churches in the world and is
housed under a dome so large it even serves as a landmark for navigators
on Google Earth.



While boasting one of the finest sound
reinforcement systems in a megachurch in Asia, Graha Bethany Nginden
has also now become the first of its kind in the SEA region to install VistaX
consoles from Studer. Having worked with Bethany in the past on a
number of smaller A/V projects, local systems integrator and Harman
distributor, PT Cipta Swara Anugrah (CSA Indonesia), was approached by
the church management to explore options.

CSA supplied a pair of large-format Studer
Vista X Infinity consoles for FOH and monitoring, connected to each other
via Dante. Additional equipment includes the associated Infinity Core and
D23m I/O equipment, alongside a Studer 48-channel compact stagebox,
D21-Master Sync Generator and QuadStar Vista 52-fader control surface.



Designed for broadcasting, the desks offer what the manufacturer calls
‘aviation levels of redundancy’ to ensure against failure mid-use. While
church leaders are not currently planning on transmitting their services
out to a wider audience, for a ministry serving in excess of 30,000 people,
failure is not an option.