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iStock_000040877430Web-Acoustic-Guitar-Coffee-ShopCoffee Shop – Just You, Your Guitar and a Captive Audience
It doesn’t matter how big or small the venue is, you always want to sound your best. Performing in a coffee shop gives you a unique opportunity to truly connect with your audience. Make sure your natural voice and tone shine through with a simple microphone and a well-tuned pair of speakers.


Small Stage – Make your performance heard
While you may not be performing to a sold-out crowd in a concert hall, you can still give your audience concert-quality sound. When you choose to use HARMAN Professional products, you can focus on your performance, knowing your audience will hear you the way you want to be heard.


Ribfest-concert-med_size_stage_1Medium Stage – Preserve Your Sound Quality
As the shows get bigger, so should your sound system. The scalability of HARMAN Professional’s live sound products gives you an immense amount of flexibility to meet the needs of the venue and the high expectations of the audience. HARMAN Professional’s products are designed to meet the rigorous demands of large tours, but are scalable to provide high-quality results for medium-size performances as well.


iStock_000043546148Web-Band-on-StageLarge Stage – When Sound Carries
The majority of global concert promoters turn to HARMAN Professional products for their tours. When reproducing every last detail of a band’s performance is a necessity, HARMAN out-delivers and out-performs every day, in every venue.



HARMAN Professional Products are Designed for All Types of Performance
Whether you are doing an acoustic set at a coffee shop, hosting an open mic night at your restaurant or the DJ at a party, HARMAN Professional covers your needs. We offer a range of affordable, high-performance audio solutions that are designed to reproduce sound of the highest quality. This ensures that whatever you are saying, singing or playing sounds the way it’s supposed to sound.